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What's New 2.58
Posted by B├╝nyamin Haran on 11 June 2019 14:23:42

1)From now on, the user is able to update own B2B and SanAPI version.

To use this future you need special authority. Please follow the manual for activation the future.

Click here.

   2)On multiroom search, the user is able to see the prices and details for each room on price detail.
   3)Gender title has been added for children. The user is able to choose a gender for children on the booking.


  4)From now on, Tourvisio cancel conditions are shown in B2B.  




   5)Offer list note area has been updated.

   From now, the user can add a note to the e-mail body by using the "E-Mail Body" area.

    6) From now on the user have the possibility to add an additional buffer for all paximum bookings. This will help you to manage your operation according to your needs. 
    7)If the hotel and transfer locations are different, we will show the information on the list page.
    8)Charter and Operator Charter flights information added to Offer list.
    9)From now, the payment plan is showing on offer list and price detail.

  10)The optional sale for TourVisio products is available.



   11)For commission discount and increase authority on B2B, parameters have been defined on the Tourvisio.

    For a discount, you have to use “Agency can make a discount from own commission “ parameter under the Operator.

    For increase, you have to use “Allow the increase sale price on B2B” parameter under the Agency and Market parameter.


  12)When reservation edited or canceled, the system is able to send an e-mail notification. Please find the E-mail definition in SanAPI.

   Parameter is: NotificationEmailAddressForEditedOrCancelledReservation

  13)Various bugs have been fixed.

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