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Posted by B├╝nyamin Haran on 21 November 2018 16:24:12

1. Some enhancement for offer page had been done. A user will be able to sort from the most recent date to the oldest by using the offer date filter and the user will be able to sort from the most recent ID to the oldest by using the offer ID filter.
2. The reservation summary area (Trip Itinerary) for any Booking had been reordered. A user has the ability to view services from the oldest date to recent date by sort.

3. The excursion list is sorted according to city names from A-Z by using "search by city" Tab. A user will be able to view city names sorted from A-Z.
4. If the user has two or more different websites, the user has the ability to apply changes for all websites at the same time by using SAN API apply to all websites configuration.
5.Now user can edit board description and has ability to add PDF to the B2B board details by uploading PDF into Tourvisio.(Definition -> Hotels ->Edit ->Accommodation/Board -> Hotel Boards -> Hotel Board Content)
6.A research offer button had been added to B2B offer list for holiday package offers.A user has the ability to search by the same criterias again at offer list page.
7.Now Agency can configure Tourvisio web sale currencies by  check the B2B publish for B2B search panel currency filter.( Market Parameters -> Web parameters -> Web Sale Currencies ->check the box for B2B Publish) 

8. Now an agency has an ability to create a registration request form by using SAN API configuration.

Click here for more details.

9. A user has the ability to create two or more different documents for printing buttons by configuring TourVisio.

Click here for Tourvisio configuration.

  10.Various bug fixes.

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