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What is New for Version 6.0.14
Posted by Ilker Bosut on 10 October 2018 15:19:21
1 - We added Type Of Ownership field under Definition - Agency - Accounting Info. Register Date field is added under agency card.
  2 - Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version
Posted by Elvan Küçükalioğlu on 26 September 2018 17:47:27
1-  Operator Office Info column is added to Agency Group section under Definition -  Groups- Agency Groups.  Due to the large number of agencies and names whose names are similar or identical, it is necessary to separate the agency groups according to the operator's office.  
 2- We added Sale Period Date column under  Definition – Excursions -  Price Table section. 
3- We added  Operator Office & Supplier & GDS PNR Filters and Net prices for Flight Extra Prices & Option Date columns  under Monitoring – Flight Ticket Monitor section.
4- We added Operator Office  Filter under Accounting – Journal – Collecting section.

5- Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version 6.0.10
Posted by Elvan Küçükalioğlu on 08 August 2018 17:28:44

1- Under Market Parameters - Web Parameters,  New parameters related to Customer Structure (Customer Structure is planning for future new B2B) have been added. 

These parameters  will be  mandatory or optional on the invocing information section of the booking screen.


2-  Under Definitions - Web Definitions - Credit Card BIN List ,  DenizBank BIN list has been updated.

 After Import and Save the update will be done.

3- We added Service Based Commissions under Definition - Agency Commissions section.

If operators want to give different commission for different Suppliers, they can define commissions by choosing Service and Supplier from Service Based Commisions.


4- We added Office Groups under Definition - Groups section.
5- We added new filters for Flight Service Fee menu. 
  6- Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version 6.0.5
Posted by Oğuzhan Kayıhan on 24 May 2018 13:48:03
1- Based on the confidentiality of customer informations(EU General Data Protection Regulation), an option which can allow or restrict backoffice users to view passenger informations is added under Definitions--Users--Special Process Authority.
Note : This option is enabled(allowed to view information by all users) by default and needs to be disabled by System Admins according to company policies.
   2- We added a possibility to delete all and/or multi-selected records in Sejour Data Import Monitor with CTRL+A(Select All) and CTRL/SHIFT keys for multi-selections.
   3- CODE1, CODE2, CODE3 and CODE4 fields in Reservation Card--Additional tab are added to Reports--Cost Reports--Reservation Cost Report.
   4- Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version 6.0.3
Posted by Oğuzhan Kayıhan on 04 April 2018 18:05:09
                        --Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version 6.0.2
Posted by Oğuzhan Kayıhan on 16 March 2018 08:37:17

1-We added Baggage Weight information for SanFlight ticket reservations from New B2B in Flight Service card.

This information will be used in Ticket document designs. 

  2-Various bug fixes

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