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What is New for Version 7.0.3 Build 8
Posted by İlker Bosut on 03 April 2019 18:05:07
1. A user has the ability to edit multiple allotment for multiple rooms. For each room type and / or contract change, a new window will be displayed.
2. A user has the ability to " Show only active records. " for the Hotel - Extra Services. Left " Show only active records. " will be available for all extra services. Right " Show only active records. " will be available for listed prices.
3. Hotel Group filter added under Monitoring > Net Price Search > Hotel Search section.
4. A user has the ability to use Migrate for Locations. In order to use Migrate for Locations, must be logged in with ADMIN user. Operators can merge locations with this feature. For further information, please contact
5. The "Copy From Customer" button is displayed under Passenger Information screen which is entered with "i" button in Passenger row. With this button, Customer / Accounting Info invoice address, e-mail, zip code, city / country information and customer title, name, surname information will be copied to the contact person section.
6. Category and Supplier filters has been added to the Complaint Monitor. Also Check - in and check - out date filters has been added.
  7. Comment Monitor has been added under Monitoring > Comment Monitor or can be accessed via shortcut F11.
  8. Various bug fixes.

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What is New v
Posted by Salem Iskander on 26 March 2019 13:32:56

  1. The user has the ability to create new agency through New B2B. Also, the user can create sub-agency, or office under its agency, and add users to the related agency or office by clicking on the admin panel button.
      2. The User has the ability now to upload a certain contract document for each holiday package and also can download it through New B2B.

    For TV step how to upload contract file for static package click here

       3. A new column "Invoice Status" had been added to Invoice Report for showing the status of the invoice.
        4. A new filter select type "Flight Status" had been added to Flight Sale Report as a filter option.

      5. The user can know the reason of the error message by clicking on the bell icon on the error page as per shown image and send an email to the support team to solve your issue asap.

        6. Various bugs have been fixed.

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What is New for Version
Posted by Salem Iskander on 21 February 2019 14:23:18

1- Some Enhancement had been done to Reservation Monitor page as below :

- Two Columns "Agency amount to pay" and "Passenger amount to pay" had been added to Reservation Monitor Result.

- The Reservation Status column had been colored to be more clear for Agency users.

- The number of services in the Column "Service " had been grouped and tagged with the number of services.

- A user has the possibility now to filter by Agency name or by product type.

- The default result of the reservation monitor will be sorted descending according to the sale date.

   2- In booking reservation page; The user has the ability to view the Airport Name beside to Airport Code.
   3- In Transaction Monitor page; A user can view the log of the Cancellation process either Cancelled Successfully or not.
   4- When a user clicks on  Excursion Offers as "Additional Service to the main reservation such as Hotel, flight, etc."; the default location in "search by city " Tab will be based on the location of the main service.

 5- A Agency user can define certain Excursions to a specific holiday package by configuring TV as below:

- Tools >> Prices >> Holiday packages >> select your holiday package which you want to add Excursion to it >> click option >> sealable service >> click arrange >> then select the excursion you want to add to the selected Holiday package.


  6- A user Agency has the ability to configure visa request form according to Localization by configuring SANAPI as below :

Localization >> Keywords >>search By writing "Visa" and change translation according to your selected language.

   7- Various bugs have been fixed.

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What is New for Major Version 7.0.1
Posted by İlker Bosut on 12 February 2019 15:22:34
1 - Opsiyonlu Rezlerin Kredin Düşüp düşmemesi parametresi 1. “Reduce optional reservations from agency credit” parameter added under Tools > Market Parameters > Price / Accounting. With this parameter, user has ability to allow optional reservations use agency credit or not.
2 - Payment Calendar Herkese açılması 2. A new Module “Payment Plan Calendar” has been added under Accouting > Payment Plan Calendar in new version.
3. Under Accounting > Payment Plan Calendar, A user has ability to use Fix Due Date option.
4. A user has the ability to add Agency  / Group under Hotel Contract. With this new Module, a user has ability to sell hotels with different profits via Only Hotel Sale Module.
5.  A user has the ability to arrange Remain Amounts / Deposits will be taken consideration in Agency Credit Control Monitor. Under Accounting > Journal > Non a Deposit / Credit parameter has been added.
6. A new Module “Customer” has been added under Definiton > Customers. Customer module will be valid for the New B2B users.
7. With Batch Invoice, multiple selected reservations can now be Invoiced one by one with the different Invoice serials for per reservation.
8. A user has the ability to use Complaint Monitor under Monitoring > Complaint Monitor after define Complaint definitions under Definitions > Complaint Definitions.
9. A user has the ability to define allotments for the Promotions.
10. A user has the ability to see Payment Plan belongs to the Supplier in Payment Plan tab into reservation card. According to Payment Plan Schema if defined.
11. We added Supplier Credit Control Monitor under Accounting > Supplier Credit Control.
12. A user has the ability to select Agency Credit Limit Currency different from market currency for the first define.
13. A user has the ability to select publish documents for B2B and B2C.
  14. Various bug fixes.


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What is New for Version
Posted by Salem Iskander on 25 January 2019 15:42:57
  1. A user has the ability now to send a comment after reservation to TV by configuring SANAPI. For more Details, Click Here.
  2. A user has the ability to see configured Handicaps (Hotel, Flights, Airport, location, … etc.) in the B2B.

A Handicap message will pop up after clicking the book button.

  3. A new Module “Rent a Car” has been published in the New B2B. A B2B customer has the ability to see this module in its related B2B after developing the necessary integration.

4. A user has the ability to assign specific TV Transfer to Dynamic package by configuring TV parameter as below:

Definition->Transfers ->Edit->Valid only for dynamic package 

  5. Two More Report has been added to B2B as below:

-Flight Sales Report

-Invoice Monitor

A user now can view flight sales report and invoice.

  6. A user now can see price details for Static package with more detailed information such as (Compulsory Main service, and Compulsory extra service).

 8.A user now can see passport information field at passenger information page.

For more details, click here.


 9.A User has ability to publish documents for airlines by configuring TV parameter as below:

Definition->Airlines->Ticket Mask->B2B publish

   10.Various bugs have been fixed.

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What is New for Version
Posted by Salem Iskander on 25 December 2018 14:13:11
  1. A user has the ability to push announcements to all their B2B by configuring their TourVisio.  For more details, Click here.
  2. A user now allowed now to make discounts for agency commission.
For more details, Click here.

3. A Warning Message will pop-up in case of duplication reservations and the user has the ability to avoid duplicating reservations using those parameters  (surname, Name, Birthday, passport No., ID No., or between a certain Reservation period) as validation by configuring TourVisio as below:

TourVisio >> Tools >> Market System parameters >> Reservation Tab >> Duplicate Reservation Control panel.

  4. In “the Reservation Note” the Agency can add Fix Notes instead of free text by  configuringSANAPI as below:

SANAPI >> Settings > search for parameter “Common.WorkWithFixNotesForReservation”

Change the value to True for “Fix Notes” and False for “Free Text”.

- In TourVisio user can add Fix Notes through Fix notes for Reservation Window.

  5. For operator Hotel also the B2B user can change the Nationality for every passenger in case other passengers have different nationalities. 
  6. In Reservation Monitor; by default, if a user clicks on the Search button, the user will view top 200 Reservations. In meanwhile user also can use search panel for searching for a certain reservation.
  7. In Reservation Monitor Arrival City column has been added to Reservation monitor.
  8. In flight Reservation with a “Transit” stop; A notify message will be shown if there is an airport change.
  9. For printing documents (Invoice, Voucher, Contract, etc.); the user can view more than one template per each document as per defined in TV.
  10. Agency has the ability to control saleable products for by configuring TV as below:

- For saleable certain products for certain Agency: Definition >> Agency >> select Agency >> Web option Tab >> uncheck use Market settings.

- For saleable product for certain agency as default market setting: Definition >> Agency >> select Agency >> Web option Tab >> check use Market settings.
  11. Agency user can add additional Compulsory services to the main service by configuring TV. Click here for TV configuration.

12. A User has the ability now to Research for a reservation again.

The User can use Research the button in below cases:

- Reservation Begin Date should be bigger or equal to Today"Date".

- Option Date should be smaller than Today "Date" or Reservation was canceled without option date.

  13. Various Bugs have been fixed.

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