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What's New v2.59-2.60
Posted by Bünyamin Haran on 11 July 2019 13:59:09
   1)If the user gets an error during dynamic package reservation cancellation steps, this process status will be marked as “Partial Cancel” on the Transaction Monitor. 
 2)From now on, the transfer flight selection area we listing active flights according to transfer date and location. And flight departure or arrival time fill automatically.
   3)If search and pay amount currencies are different, the user will be able to see both amounts.
   4) If the user wants to make a reservation with the same user criteria as previously reservation, we will show a warning message for a duplicate reservation. If the user clicks “yes” button, will be able to do a reservation. If click “no” button, will turn back to booking page.
 5)From now on, users will be able to define location-based profits for third-party products. Also, the user has the ability to define minus markup.

 6)We added the layover time filter to flight.

   7)When the user edited reservation, time of edit will be written to TourVisio reservation detail. Also, you can see agency and user that edited to the reservation on the Scratchpad.

 8)From now, the user can enter promotion code that defined under the TourVisio Prices > Promotion on the B2B booking page.

 9)We have added transfer type, reservation total price and Agency name properties to booking mail.
 10)Hotels status confirmation will be based on the Default confirmation field under the Definition>Hotel instead of Hotel> Parameters. 

 11)From now on, user has the authority to cancel the optional flight reservation. For this authority “Allow Agencies Cancel Reservation” and “Allow Agencies Cancel Optional Reservation” parameters are have been added under the Agency and System parameters on TV.

 12)Various bugs have been fixed.

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What is New for Version 7.0.5 Build 11
Posted by Ahmet Güler on 25 June 2019 09:27:56
1- Item(s) column has been added to see how many hotel in price list, under Price --> Price Lists.
  2- A user can see status of suppliers now, under Definition --> Groups --> Supplier Groups.
   3- A tree structure has been added for transfer location to see the village,town etc, which city they are connected to. It was made like hotel location.
   4- Supplier status has been added as (Y),(N) to see status of supplier enable/disable, in reservastion card for each service.  
   5- Reservation status date filter has been added under reservation monitor.
   6- A user can add a code by right click for multiple reservations. Able to see the codes on reservation card, under additional tab.
   7- Begin date - End date ( for reservation ) and Holiday Package ( Holpack ) column has been added under Accounting ----> Accounting Receivable Monitor.
   8- Various bugs have been fixed.

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What's New 2.58
Posted by Bünyamin Haran on 11 June 2019 14:23:42

1)From now on, the user is able to update own B2B and SanAPI version.

To use this future you need special authority. Please follow the manual for activation the future.

Click here.

   2)On multiroom search, the user is able to see the prices and details for each room on price detail.
   3)Gender title has been added for children. The user is able to choose a gender for children on the booking.


  4)From now on, Tourvisio cancel conditions are shown in B2B.  




   5)Offer list note area has been updated.

   From now, the user can add a note to the e-mail body by using the "E-Mail Body" area.

    6) From now on the user have the possibility to add an additional buffer for all paximum bookings. This will help you to manage your operation according to your needs. 
    7)If the hotel and transfer locations are different, we will show the information on the list page.
    8)Charter and Operator Charter flights information added to Offer list.
    9)From now, the payment plan is showing on offer list and price detail.

  10)The optional sale for TourVisio products is available.



   11)For commission discount and increase authority on B2B, parameters have been defined on the Tourvisio.

    For a discount, you have to use “Agency can make a discount from own commission “ parameter under the Operator.

    For increase, you have to use “Allow the increase sale price on B2B” parameter under the Agency and Market parameter.


  12)When reservation edited or canceled, the system is able to send an e-mail notification. Please find the E-mail definition in SanAPI.

   Parameter is: NotificationEmailAddressForEditedOrCancelledReservation

  13)Various bugs have been fixed.

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What's New v2.57
Posted by Bünyamin Haran on 14 May 2019 09:32:51


1. Paximum Involatus integration is finished and ready to use. The offers are marked with the badge "charter" for Involatus flights and "operator charter" for TourVisio flights.
 2. Preview button has been added on the Reservation Detail page for showing printed invoice and proforma documents.
   3. Stop Sale warning messages are shown in the booking page.
   4. New filters have been added to the reservation monitor. Users are able to filter the reservation according to "hotel sending status", "hotel confirmation status" and "reservation confirmation status".
5."With Price" option on the offer page is selected as default form now on.
6. Reservation message information has been added to comment button.

7. "Go to Reservation Monitor" button has been added. The user is able to go to directly Reservation Monitor by clicking the button.

8.EB,SPO and Discount areas can be hidden by using SanAPI parameter for Holiday Package.

Parameter is:DontShowDiscountonPriceDetail





 9. When optional reservation turns to a ticket, the system is able to send an e-mail notification.
Please find the E-mail definition in SanAPI. (Parameter is:NotificationEmailAddressForTicketed)

 10. Various bugs have been fixed.


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What is New for Version 7.0.4 Build 9
Posted by İlker Bosut on 17 April 2019 15:31:10
1. Net Price Column has been added under Accounting > Daily Sales Monitor. Default invisible. User can activate from grid.
2. " Customer " colomn has been added under Accounting > Agency Payment Follow Up.
3. Customer Name and surname section characters has been increased to 60.
4. A user now can select " Vendor user " under, Definition>Users. If a user selected as Vendor User, only authorized areas will be visible.
5. Days of week has been added under Monitoring > Net Price Search > Package Search section.
6. A user has ability to define and apply child age groups to the Hotel SPO.
  7. Various bug fixes.

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